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"name" : "Barry Smith",
"version" : "1.0",
"Age" : "41?",
"height: 6816px,"
"occupation" : "Web Developer",
"description" : "Simple and happy-go-lucky person",
"dependencies" : {

"Wife" : "1",
"Child": "1",
"Sister": "2",
"Brother": "2",
"Coffee" : "Black" ,
"Cider" : "*"


"devDependencies" : {

"Epiphone ES339 PRO" : "Vintage Burst",

"Epiphone LesPaul 100": "Vintage Burst",

"World of Warcraft Account" : "*",

"SWTOR Account" : "*"


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Adoption and me

The inconvenient Child Growing up as a child is never easy, growing up as a child without any sense of connection to the world around you even more so. This was my reality, my take on the world around me growing up. I always knew I was adopted and roughly knowing what that meant and for the most part I was ok with it. I was raised by good people, my adopted father was a carpenter and adopted mother a school teacher. I almost never… View More


Google given record 2.42bn euros fine by EU Commision

Yesterday (27/06/17) Google was fined 2.42bn euros ($2.7bn; £2.1bn) by the European… View More


Terror attack in London

(as reported: & Seems some scumbag in London waited for a mosque to empty and then drove at them. So far 1 has been declaired dead and it is unknown if any will be added… View More


Religion in schools

Today a relative oif mine (of sorts?) posted a bigotted anti Muslem picture about keeping Islam out of schools. Below was my reply on the matter. Actually it's this kind of bigoted ignorance that we should not be exposing them to. Knowledge is the key to unlocking understanding. Teach the true meanings of ALL religion and the overwhelming similarities will be so evident for all to see. Besides what's the actual… View More


Fresh Start of Sorts

Well here it is, a new blog. Well not new exactly but an old one restarted. During development of my last blog a database error resulted in loss of data but I have taken this oppertunity to start again. So, welcome to my blog here I will talk about what ever is on my mind, or things I feel passionate about. Please note: The things I talk about and the content of my postings are not necessarily how I… View More


Forgiveness: A meeting with my birth mother

As I posted before, my sister found me after 40 years and I also found out I have a half brother and half sister. During all this I was also told that our birth mother is also on Facebook. This was something I was not prepared for (neither was finding out I had a sister….) In the back of my mind I always knew siblings as well as birth mother were a possibility. But finding them, coming face to face is something else. Since then I… View More