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Barry Smith


"name" : "Barry Smith",
"version" : "1.0",
"Age" : "41?",
"height: 6816px,"
"occupation" : "Web Developer",
"description" : "Simple and happy-go-lucky person",
"dependencies" : {

"Wife" : "1",
"Child": "1",
"Sister": "2",
"Brother": "2",
"Coffee" : "Black" ,
"Cider" : "*"


"devDependencies" : {

"Epiphone ES339 PRO" : "Vintage Burst",

"Epiphone LesPaul 100": "Vintage Burst",

"World of Warcraft Account" : "*",

"SWTOR Account" : "*"


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Forgiveness: A meeting with my birth mother

As I posted before, my sister found me after 40 years and I also found out I have a half brother and half sister. During all this I was also told that our birth mother is also on Facebook. This was something I was not prepared for (neither was finding out I had a sister….) In the back of my mind I always knew siblings as well as birth mother were a possibility. But finding them, coming face to face is something else. Since then I… View More