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Dr Who - The First Female Doctor

Well it seems the BBC have appointed a new actor to take the lead roll of The Doctor in the popular BBC series Doctor Who, and yes they have made it a female naimly actress Jodie Whittaker. For some reason the fans are up in arms about this and i'm already bored and annoyed at this. I mean traveling through time and space and through multiple dimensions are fine, but a female is just too much? I mean for fucks sake it was first produced in the 60's in 1963 by a female and a gay Indian man, so really how the hell is this new appointment an issue?

I am a father of a little girl under 10 and although she's not really into Dr Who she's aware my wife and I like it and takes a mild passing interest as a result. I want her and her children to live in a world where rolls being given to females is no issue, where she can believe that she really can make her future anything she likes. That not only can she be as good as any man, but have the belief in herself that she has the ability to surpass the men around her should she work hard enough.

The actress in question is talented and already proven herself in a major series already and the producer of that show is now running the new series of Dr Who next year, and it's only natural to assume that he knows the direction that they intend to take. And further more knows what and who they should use to achieve this.

So far most of the reactions I have seen have been positive but rather than sit quietly and let the lunatics mouth off we must all unite and fight this bullshit and let the dinosaurs know their time is over.

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