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Finding my half brother and sister

I was found by my sister after 40 years apart. I chronicalled this here, little did I know what I had lying in store for me. In the process of trying to find our dad we looked for marriage or death certificates and we found a marriage certificates for him. We were also able to find out he had 2 children a boy called Andrew Clark, and a girl called Lesley Clark. The thought of having more brothers and sisters had honestly never occured to me, and my sister Tracy and I started looking for them. On Facebook we joined groups for Newcastle and asked around for any help. we even resorted to simply messaging people of the same names from that region in a frantic attempt to trace them.

Through all of this the same thoughts haunted me.

  • Will they accept me?
  • Will they even want to know the truth?
  • Do they know about what kind of a man my father was?
  • Do they need us to be there for them?

In the past I was unable to be there for my half sister Heather, or my half brother Gary mainly because I never knew they existed! Nor could I have been there for Tracy. I often reflect on this and how I failed them all, one day I will find a way to repay them, some how. But this was different, thid time I knew of them. But I still had the fear of them rejecting me, or simply not wanting me to be a part of their lives. This was someting that was out of my control, something I had no way of being able to see or could avoid. But I knew in my heart they were part of me, my own flesh and blood.

We had thought we'd gotten close so many times only to have our hopes dashed time and time again. We had a promising lead so I was out playing a gig with my band and the venue was nto mobile signal friendly. So when I got out I got a message from Tracy asking to talk! I quickly checked the Facebook profile of our suspected brother and found Tracy as a mutual friend!

I messaged him....told them I was Tracy's brother he replied he was our baby brother.

My brother?!?...

I can't describe how this felt. And my sister Lesley simply messagedt me with "..Hello big bro..." To say my heart skipped is an understatement. Both of them were so happy and accepting of us instantly. Both are amazing people so full of love and life, something I myself feel in short supply of at times. I promised them I'll always be there for them to come to, to comfort them and laugh with them.

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