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Google given record 2.42bn euros fine by EU Commision

Yesterday (27/06/17) Google was fined 2.42bn euros ($2.7bn; £2.1bn) by the European Commission after it ruled the company had abused its power by promoting its own shopping comparison service at the top of search results.

Personally I have no issues with how they display the results of their searches, and frankly I also find it utterly confusing as to what the problem is. On any companies website (yes IS a company website) surely anyone with a moderate amount of intelligence would expect to find their own products taking president over anything else?

Besides GOOGLE IS NOT THE INTERNET fucking annoys me that people can't get this into their own heads! It's just a page on the internet like this one you're reading form right now! If you have issues with it then use any of the following:

Or any of the other search engines that are available. For every service Google provide there is an alternative for you to use. Not happy? Then use one of the others and shut up.

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