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iPhone X - Welcome to Android

Yesterday Apple unveiled a new iPhone the iPhone x (ten) and frankly It just looked like a Samsung Phone when i first saw it and I know I'm not alone in this! It just strikes me that where once apple lauded over everyone under the reign of Steve Jobs their questionable superiority, now they just seem like a rich kid always playing catchup.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not without its quirks and indeed it's flaws, but it did make the design choices and it did push the boat out somewhat. With the Applie X phone it just feels like it's already been done. Fullsize display, face recognition and so on, even down to the 3 buttons doen the side of the phone. Looks like not only have apple lost their shine, but frankly the apple is starting to look a little behind the times and frankly its best days are behind it.

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