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Open letter to the world: Love not hate

Donald trump has came out and said that transgender people can't serve in the military. Without doubt gay people will likely be next. The human capacity for hate and discrimination must stop. Through tolerance we gain acceptance, through acceptance we gain trust. From trust we gain understanding and once we are willing to try all this THEN we allow our selves the capacity to love, and only after this might we finally eradicate the need for hate and violence.

I am a straight white male. I am by societies own rules elitist and privileged. I will promise to speak out when I see sexist misogynistic action perpetrated by men against women. I will shout the injustice suffered by so called lower social classes. Defend my ethnic brothers and sisters when the media and so-called civilized society condemns them. And I will embrace and defend our people's right to gender identification.

Love must conquer. Spread the love and go in peace.

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