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Stephen King's "IT" movie

IT (2017)

I watched Stephen Kings It was hyped so much like the Video above, and it looked spectacular in all the trailers, and the new clown actually grew on me! Now I'll start off by saying I know (as a fan of the book) its impossible to put it page for page on the screen, as if you did it would last in all likelihood over 6 hours long. Way too much in backstory and surrounding information to covey. For example a writer can inform in 1 page what on screen could take 10 to 14 minuets of clumsy dialogue. And with each child character having such a vivid and lengthy story of their own it's just too much to put into a single movie.

The Good

  • The child cast themselves are great actors regardless of age who do very well in telling the story. the characters come across real enough and provide enough dimensions as to carry the story.
  • Change of setting: The original was set in teh 60s and the new version is set in the 80's to make it more relevant.
  • Clown update! Yep the new clown is still disturbing!
  • soundtrack - Bang on for the time period and still effective where it needs to be.

The Bad

  • Change of setting - Yes good for more relevance but in the 60's it would still have been as good - but to make it work in modern times it had to be changed.
  • What a rush! The book gently edges you into the horror and takes time to build up the child characters. This does none of that though and frankly I feel like it left me rather deflated.
  • Character assassination: As I eluded to above effective and simple character development that would enhance and further punctuate events and eventual character deaths in the second act just aren't happening. And catchphrases characters are known for using are simply not being used (BEEP BEEP RICHIE!). Case in point Richie is supposed to be close friends with Stan, and when Stan dies it hits him the hardest allowing the viewer (Reader too) to share in the grief.

The Original

The original had a great cast and the first half at least worked well enough, yes some parts were missed out but all in all it was good. Let down by a rushed second part and frankly made for TV was a shield they used to hide behind and justify the budget and noted failings.

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